Welcome to the Southend Sunflower Trust
Supporting Children and families with special needs

Financial Assistance Towards Equipment and Help

sample imageThe Southend Sunflower Trust is a registered charity that primarily provides financial assistance for children with special needs, who live within the borough of Southend on Sea in Essex.


sample imageBy helping with funding for equipment, social and health care, education and personal development, we endeavour to enable these children to reach their individual potential.

Fund Raising

Working on an annual basis, the trust’s intent is to donate the maximum available finance. We do this by fund raising events and ticket sales. In association with Scope, we are looking to create a wider awareness of our trust and welcome any interest from anyone wishing to volunteer their time.

Mission Statement, Aims, Objectives & Criteria

Mission Statement:
1. To make a difference to the quality of life for local children with special needs.

Southend and District Area.
2. Special needs.

Improve a child's quality of life by provision of:
1. Specialist equipment
2. Family Support for the child in crisis situations
3. Considering all applications including those rejected by other agencies.

1. Live in the Southend and district area
2. Aged from birth to 18 years
3. Each application will be considered on an individual basis by the trustees, whose decision is final.

We do not provide cash donations

Trustees ....

Imelda Callowhill - Chair
Martin Buckley - Secretary
Chris Pryor - Treasurer
Jan Hooks
Darina McEvoy
Maggie Preston

Patrons ....

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 Sir Teddy Taylor & Miss Hermione Norris